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Humanity's  Timeline


Years From Present...

History is made from our record of events in time. Here are some of those events..


The Cognitive Revolution - Homo Sapiens develop a unique and powerful tool through language. They begin to spread out across the globe from East Africa..



Mesopotamia Formed - The City of Eridu establishes itself in the Fertile Crescent of the Middle East and the age of Mesopotamia begins . Bringing with it our first civilisations. 


Athens Rises - Athens becomes the dominant city state (Polis) in what we now call the Classical Period of Ancient Greece, bringing with it ideas of democracy, art, and philosophical thought (not to be misunderstood that these ideas were not created or conceptualised before)


Ancient Beringians - Research conducted by scientists at the University of Copenhagen and University of Alaska find these people split from the founding Native Americans and form their own communities. 


Civilisations of Egypt - The Dynastic, Archaic period begins in Egypt with King Menes (Memphis) at the apex of the social structure following the 2,000 years of development along the Nile.  



Rome Defeats Carthage - The power and potential of the Italian state of Rome becomes clear, utterly destroying Carthage in the Third Punic war, becoming the Mediterranean's main power.

Rome is Sacked - Having dominated the Mediterranean region and beyond for hundreds of years the city that conquered a continent is sacked by the Visigoths signalling the beginning to a close the once great empire.  



Charlemagne "The Great" Dies  - Crowned the first Holy Roman Emperor in history, King of the Franks, and King of the Lombards Charlemagne dies, becoming known as the "father of Europe".

William Invades England  - Landing on the shores of the British Isles William of Normandy takes to battle against the Anglo Saxon king Harold at Hastings. He claims victory and seizes control of the country.  



The Great Khan Dies  -  Having formed the largest empire humanity has ever known Temüjin, known to the world as Genghis Khan, is buried in an unmarked grave somewhere in Mongolia. 

The Hundred Years War Ends  - With a series of successive victories against a previously dominant English the war that lasted generation after generation concludes in French favour, closing the book on England claiming the French Kingdom.  


Rediscovery of America   -  Europeans rediscover the lost continent across the Atlantic. A new world, not desolate but full of life, and civilisation. 


Renaissance  -  In the height of the Italian Renaissance Leonardo Da Vinci paints the Mona Lisa. The following year Michelangelo sculpts David.  


A Declaration of Independence  -  With a vision of being a nation free from outside rule the Declaration of Independence from Great Britain is signed by 13 American colonies. 8 years later, that independence was gained. 


Waterloo  -  Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the greatest generals to ever live, is defeated by a coalition of states lead by the British Duke of Wellington fighting for the fate of Europe.  



State of the Union  -  With the surrender of General Robert E. Lee at the Battle of Appomattox Court House the American Civil War ends forging a United States of America. 


The Origin of the Species  -  Charles Darwin publishes his controversial book On the Origin of Species detailing the origins of how humans came to be, not through deities, but evolution. 


Flight - Orville and Wilbur Wright successfully take to the skies with a heavier than air craft. 

Mud, Blood & Twisted Steel -  Industrial efficiency met with the desire for death and for 4 years the world was brought to its knees. On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day in the eleventh month 1918 the Armistice came into effect ending one of the darkest chapters of human history. 


A Sequel of Destruction - Soured by crippling terms and vengeful motivations the world once again plunges into a darkness from which 60 million people would never be  reilluminated from. 


Nuclear Age -  The Second World War, fought from the frozen Nordic coast to the dense Pacific jungles ends with the detonation of a weapon possessing the ability to silence entire cities. In the hunt for victory humanity now possesses the ability to destroy itself.  


Heavyweight Champion - With the dissolution of the Soviet Union the world breathes a collective sigh of relief, surviving humanity's first brush with the possibility of apocalypse. An undisputed superpower emerges in the United States of America.  

Terror & Infamy -  The world's most powerful nation is shaken to its foundations in a terror attack striking at its heart. The new millennia begins with an act that continues to define it. 


The Sands of Time Continue - 

Time marches on and we who live today continue to wrestle with past actions, present issues, and future dangers. Actions of unforgivable terror plant seeds of distrust in our neighbours whilst callous actions of bankers plunge the world into financial chaos. Technology allows us to distract, become distracted and shout in echo chambers all whilst on the brink of the greatest existential threat to life the life itself has ever seen. 

However, we know more than we did yesterday. The masses have gained the power of unfettered free speech and we possess the power to save the world if we can remember the right lessons. 

It has never been more important to Look Through History.

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