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About Us


70,000 years ago Homo Sapiens achieved something that no other animal had previously managed. Through a “cognitive revolution” of the mind humans changed from a distinctly average branch on the tree of life into an animal capable of intricate communication, planning and ingenuity. From the spark that lit the first human made fire, to harnessing the power of the atom and beyond, humanity has been in a constant state of human development. However, as imperfect beings, throughout this process the complexity and variation of human thought has shrouded this development in euphoric highs and tragic lows.


It is the amalgamation of all of these elements that make up the history of a species who has come to dominate the planet unlike any other in the known universe. Countless stories told and untold make up the tapestry of human life that provide, like the tip of an iceberg, the slightest insight into not only how we got here but where we may be going next.


Whilst we are no stranger to immersing ourselves in great tales of powerful rings and magic wands but the truly greatest stories are those experienced by real people in real locations across the world. It is these stories which continue to shape the world in which we live, and may even be responsible for our very existence.


We look to share these amazing historical stories with you, provide them life through colorization, and bring products to keep them alive. History allows us to collectively better understand what forces shape our world, whilst remembering that individually we are all capable of changing the future.

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