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The Life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Posthumous portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Painted by Barbara Kraft at the request of Joseph Sonnleithner in 1819. Public Domain.
Posthumous portrait of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart by Barbara Kraft 1819. Public Domain.

Born on the 27th January 1756 in Vienna, one of the most musically gifted individuals to ever live was born. Even in his childhood his raw talent was clear quickly surpassing the teachings of his father, playing in public at age 6 and at composing his first symphony by 9, simply known as “Symphony No. 1”.

Wolfgang, along with his sister, accompanied their father across Europe performing as child prodigies with destinations including Munich, Paris, London and Zurich. It was on these tours that Mozart would meet someone who would influence him massively; Johann Bach.

After his childhood success, and resignation of his role as court musician in Salzburg in young adulthood Wolfgang journeyed across Europe to pursue his dream of composing operas. He eventually made a name for himself in Vienna where his talent was recognised, composing much of his most well-known music.

Mozart at the age of 13 in Verona, 1770.  Public Domain.
Mozart at the age of 13 in Verona, 1770. Attributed to Giambettino Cignaroli. Public Domain.

Mozart went on to become one of the greatest musicians to have ever lived. It is widely accepted that every one of his works are a masterpiece in their own right, all done without corrections once created.

He died on the 5th December 1791 at the age of 35. The cause of his death is still debated to this day but officially has been noted as severe military fever due to the physiological symptoms he showed.

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